Aimee’s Story…

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Hi guys! I thought I’d share my short transformation story with you. I hope it would motivate and inspire you to take control of your lives for the better. So here it goes…

I moved to a new area and wanted to join a gym that had personal training and classes. I got to know about Kate, and decided to get on a kick start program with her. After completing my kick start program, I felt that Kate was the one who would get me the results I had once thought were unachievable. I was especially interested in the Metabolic Precision (MP) system and the nutrition information which Kate sent me. Since I had not heard about MP before, I was curious to learn more about it and give it a shot.

Well, my gut feeling to continue with Kate proved right, and within 6 weeks I started seeing major changes in my body. I realized that the MP program is more a lifestyle, not a diet. It requires you to take an active control of your life and consciously adopt healthy living.

Now I’m about to complete my first 12 week program with Kate and am more than happy with the results to date. In fact, I’m looking forward to completing another 12 weeks of Summer.

The results I achieved would not have been possible without Kate’s guidance. Kate pushes me harder than I would ever push myself. These results are now fueling my motivation to stay focused and on course. We all tend to fall off the train every now and then, but you have to jump back on and keep going. Your eyes should always be fixed on the prize.

Kate’s ambition in life is definitely rubbing off on me. Now I feel that I can achieve anything!

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