Client Transformations Round-Up: End of a Road…

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A special congratulations to Stacey, Hayden, Aimee and James for completing their marvelous transformations. Their efforts truly deserve a round of applause.

  • Stacey lost 25 kg in 7 months! From 89 kg to 64 kg
  • Hayden became Rrrriped!
  • Aimee got toned – Check out “dat ass” ;)
  • James Packham lost excess bodyfat and got set for healthy living

This proves that there is nothing dedication and hardwork can’t achieve!

We wish all four of them the very best for the future, and hope that they continue to succeed with their lives, and their health and fitness goals. May they always dine under the shades of happiness.

This is certainly not the end of the journey, only the end of a road…

Kate’s concluding comments on her clients’ transformations:
“The journey is the reward, not only for the clients but everyday for me, to see all of them switch to a completely different mind set, to see the drive that has come within and the dedication they had with the whole training aspect (nutrition and PT sessions) amazed me everyday, that’s why I say:
The more you can generate positive energy around you.
The more inspirational, passionate and driven people come into your life. Thus emphasizing greater drive to get the desired and best results. i have the best career in the world and its only just begun!
Kate Collins Personal Training.”

Just imagine…you could be our next Star Client.
YOU could be the force of change, not only in your life, but in the lives of many others.
The first step is always the hardest, but you have the power to take it – the power resides within you.
So what stops you….? Seize The Day!

Contact Kate for help and support.
Call: 0401 280 899


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