Tips and Tricks to Remain Healthy and Fit on Christmas

Buffet Tips

Now don’t we all love to see a table full of delicious foods of all kinds? But the more health conscious amongst us have to take care about the foods we choose off the buffet table. Worry not, while there are plenty of tempting dishes that might contain excessive calories or unhealthy ingredients, there are also healthier and lower-calorie options around.  So here are a few tips to better sift your away across the buffet table:

  1. Have a light snack a few hours before arriving at a party. You are more likely to indulge on an empty stomach, when faced with a plethora of delicious foods.
  2. Fill your plate just once, and then move away from food. The closer and longer you roam around the buffet table, the more likely you are to end up nibbling or munching onto something
  3. Go for high protein snacks full of fibre, to fill you up,  instead of French bread, butter, or cream crackers.
  4. Choose your cheese carefully. Riccotta and cottage cheese contain fewer calories, than cheddar, and are high in protein

If it’s your turn to entertain, use it to your advantage. Prepare meals like you do for the rest of the year. Benefit not just yourself, but your friends and family as well!

Know your Nibbles

Often, it’s not the meals themselves that put on the pounds, but the meal nibbles in between. Gaining 1 kg of fat is as easy as eating chocolates upon chocolates from the selection box. So here are a few tips to keep in mind when you are about to nibble:

1. It might be tempting to nibble while you’re preparing meals for family and friends. Avoid the temptation by keeping your mouth busy with a piece of sugar-free chewing gum.

2. If you like to make your own sweet treats such as Christmas cake or trifle, look for lower-calorie recipes. Often, it’s as simple as replacing regular ingredients for lower-calorie versions. For example, for a low-fat trifle use reduced-sugar jam, sugar-free jelly, fruit canned in juice rather than syrup. Use skimmed milk for the custard and decorate it with low-fat aerosol cream.

3. Buy low-fat versions of your favourite nibbles, such as crisps and dips. No one will ever know the difference – just remember to hide the packaging! 😉

4. Pick your sweets carefully. Avoid those large tins of chocolates. Instead, opt for sweets with a low fat content, such as fruit pastilles, jelly beans and boiled sweets.

Say “Cheers” to your Health

With numerous parties, lunches, dinners, and night outs with friends and families, it’s easy to get carried away with alcohol during the festive season. If you slack off too much, you might see that booze transferring into inches onto your waist. Here are a few tips and tricks to stay in shape, while enjoying a hell of a time.

  1. Mix white wine with soda water or diet lemonade – it lasts twice as long, and is only half the calories. In case you are unable to dilute, just opt for dry white or red wine as they contain fewer calories.
  2. Redwine is also great for the blood and you, as it contains resveratrol.
  3. Beware of alcopops – they’re loaded with calories. If you enjoy the fruity flavor, then just add a fash of fruit juice to a wine and soda.
  4. Those celebrities are on to something when they enjoy a glass of bubbly. Take them as your role models for once. Bubbles help you fill up and make you drink less.
  5. Mix spirits with low-cal mixers such as diet cola, diet lemonade, slimline tonic or slimline bitter lemon..
  6. Indulge in beer…only if you want to put on fat! Beer, lager and cider are loaded with calories. So steer clear of them.

Other Useful Tips:

1) Continue drinking more water

Drinking water reduces water retention by flushing out toxins. This will make you appear less bloated and help you to squeeze into that little black dress that you bought for the special night.

2) Wear the Right Size

Wearing clothes one size too small will make you look larger than you actually are. So go for it if you want to show off those killer guns you’ve worked so hard to build. But if you don’t have any guns, then have mercy on yourself, and others as well/ Wear clothes that are the correct size and you’ll sail through the evening.

3) Hangover Cures

Looking to get yucky, I see….Well, no one’s stopping you. Hug that toilet if you love it so much. Bang your head against the wall if that’s you idea of a catharsis. Ok seriously, here’s the plan of action – it’s top secret, so make sure you bring your eyes very close to your computer and read: Down a pint of water, have a hot shower, and go back to bed with a pint of water on your bedside table. When you wake you will feel more revitalized and alert. Have something to eat to curb the stomach and then a bit later try and take a brisk walk for 30 minutes. Watch some TV and act like a couch potato for the rest of the day.

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