Kate Collins Personal Training promotes:

– Health, Well being and Physical Fitness
– Tailored and supervised physical exercise incorporating Nutrition and Education plans
– Suited for the beginner to the elite.

Kate Collins Personal Training specializes in a wide range of services including:

Body Transformations:
– Increase lean muscle mass,
– Decrease overall body fat,
– Increase general fitness,
– Metabolic precision
– Goal Setting- Achieve results in faster realistic time!


Group Training:
– Social Groups
– Sporting Groups
– Corporate Groups
– Children and School Groups

– 8 Weeks
– 12 Weeks
– Corporate Bootcamps
– Team Bootcamps

Metabolic Precision:
– Tailored diets and nutritional tips

*Diploma in fitness
*Cert 3,4 Fitness
*Cert 1,2 Metabolic Nutrition
*Cert || First Aid


To get more information, or to make a booking, please don’t hesitate to contact me personally at:


0401 280 899

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